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Free Accident Insurance: Our premium members get a free Personal Accident insurance for sum insured of Rs2.5 lakh. The insurance will cover Accidental Death Benefit and Permanent Total Disability. There will be added benefits such as children education welfare fund for dependent children.
Life Insurance: As a premium member, you would be able to buy well-researched insurance products. We are trying to negotiate the for policies at the excellent terms. Most importantly, you will get special support during your claims, as long as you make the right declarations.
Health Insurance: As a premium member, you can make the right choices to protect your health and that of your family. The policies we select would be negotiated at excellent terms. And you will get support for your claims as long as you make the right declarations. Who offers you this commitment?


Equity Mutual Funds: Equity funds can generate great long term tax-free returns, provided you use the right funds and invest at the right time. Our research will suggest funds that have low volatility and low expense ratio while our unique InvesTool guides you to how much to invest and when.
Fixed Income Products: Fixed income investments have always been attractive for Indians. But many don't know of options that are better than bank fixed desposits. Our research will empower you with the right ones. You will clearly know the benefits and risks involved in each of them and their suitability for you.
Lion Stockletter: As a premium member, you will also get access to Lion stockletter. We do it all for you: screening, research, analysis, grading and tracking. Since January 2012, the our stock selection has delivered a stelllar return of 47.58% annualised


Time Your Investments: You earn money, spend and save for future. You want to invested smartly and systematically. It means three key decisions: what to invest in, how much to invest in and when to invest in. InvesTool suggests exactly this, depending on the market levels.
Less is More: To grow money safely and smartly, you don’t need dozens of financial products. You need just about two to three. But which ones? We research and identify for you just a few products, based on what actually works, eliminating the many harmful or irrelevant ones.
Meant for India: The tool offers ideas based on extensive research of what has actually worked across different cycles India. It does not apply a theoretical formula of risk, return and asset allocation imported from the US. This makes it far more battle-tested for Indian conditions than other planners


Accountability: The main problem with financial products is lack of accountability. The agent, distributor or wealth manager may sell you a product that looks good today, carries a lot of promises but may not deliver due to high charges and wrong intent. Cases where insurance was wrongly sold; claims are not being met; corporate fixed deposits not returned; poor performing mutual funds and so on are common.
Grievance Redress: This will not happen to members of Moneylife Smart Savers. We gain nothing extra, no commissions and no fees if you buy anything that we have researched and selected for you, so no vested interest. All the products we have researched and selected are not only among the best, but we have a commitment from these companies to address any genuine complaints our members may have.


Moneylife Magazine: All that you needed to know about personal finance is here. Get views of eminent experts on a wide variety of issues. The best personal finance fortnightly to keep your abreast of all that is latest in personal finance. 1 year’s subscription worth Rs780 a year.
Your Money Life: From Annuity to Wills to Zero-coupon Bonds – all in the form of common questions & answers. You will get factual information. No need to wonder, no need to ask. This handbook, worth Rs350, is uploaded on the site sectionwise
Unbiased Reviews: Unbiased product reviews are rare. Moneylife’s habit of calling a spade a spade comes in handy when our analysts review a financial product available in the public domain. Our reviews will leave you with no doubt about the good, the bad and the irrelevant


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